Bucyrus-Erie 88b Crawler Lattice Boom CraneBucyrus-Erie 88B Crawler Lattice Boom Crane

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Bucyrus-Erie 88B Crawler Lattice Boom Crane McConnell Sand and Stone, LLC takes great pride in the work we have accomplished reviving older cranes and refurbishing them. Featured here is the Bucyrus Erie 88B Crawler Lattice Boom Crane – machine number 78 specializing in long reach application: sand and gravel mining - 100’ of boom. At the time it was the largest of their construction machines.

Bucyrus-Erie History
Bucyrus-Erie is an American surface and mining underground company and a maker of machines of huge proportions. Founded by Bucyrus Foundry and Manufacturing Company, they merged with the Erie Steam Shovel Company in 1927 to form Bucyrus-Erie. In 1997, it was renamed Bucyrus International Inc. and was purchased by Caterpillar. During the years from 1927 – 1980, they were the country’s leading manufacturer of excavators. This merger gave them access to all world markets.

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