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Indiana Long Reach Dragline Sand and Gravel Services
Welcome to our Indiana Long Reach Dragline Sand and Gravel Services. At McConnell Sand and Stone, LLC, we deliver experience and equipment to provide quality Dragline Services. We cover the entire State of Indiana with over a half of century of continued value added service that contributed to projects of important infrastructural progress. We are an Independent Contractor working with Indiana’s private and public sectors. Our DBA allows us to work with Indiana Governmental Units.

Our company specializes in Indiana sand and gravel dredging, long reach applications, projects such as ponds, canal dredging, and manure pits. McConnell Sand and Stone, LLC is licensed and insured.

We are a completely mobile Value Added Service company that can bring our talent to you. We build relationships based on loyalty and long term. Our entire service area covers five states of the Midwest.  We are committed to our quality of workmanship and look forward to working with you.

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