Northwest 95wt Crawler Lattice Boom Crane 68Northwest 95 Crawler Lattice Boom Crane 68

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Northwest 95 Crawler Lattice Boom Crane
We take great pride in the work we have accomplished reviving older cranes and refurbishing them. Featured here is the Northwest 95 Crawler Lattice Boom Crane – machine number 68 specializing in long reach application: sand and gravel mining - 78’ of boom. McConnell Sand and Stone, LLC specializes in sand and gravel dredging, long reach applications, Licensed and Insured, ability to do some smaller projects such as ponds, canal dredging, manure pits.

Northwest Crane History
Northwest Engineering of Green Bay, WI Manufactured the Northwest 95wt Crawler Lattice Boom Crane. This crane can efficiently move loose material such as sand and gravel and is suitable for deep vertical applications. In the Mid-20th Century, the NEW cranes were in high demand for the construction of our highways and railways. Northwest 190d Crawler Lattice Boom Crane has a boom and bucket that moves smoothly. Northwest Engineering established a strong reputation for their quality craftsmanship, with a tradition that will continue to live on as long as these powerful cranes are refurbished and cared for. They are an important part of American history and helped build this great Nation.

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